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Walk-E dans une établissement



Walk-E, the must-have robot for healthcare facilities 2.0 combining security and independence


Technological innovation

2 active and intuitive robotic functions
No buttons

Assistance with sit to stand transfers
Motorized handles to help the resident get up on his own

Walking assistance
No button
Motorized wheels to assist walking and to automatically brake

Physical transformation

Getting up and walking easily and safety.
The resident moves more and remains active longer.

Regular physical activity is known to have a beneficial effect on functional and cognitive abilities (especially memory and attention).


Organizational innovation

A new approach available to healthcare facilities
Cost & time savings

Assistance to sit-to-stand transfers
Walk-E assists and relieves the nursing staff.
It limits RSI as the resident can get up alone.


Walking assistance
The resident can gain autonomy.
The medical staff is able to focus on its care/know-how.


Psychic transformation

Walk-E contributes to the mental health of its user.

It is recognized that regular social activity has a beneficial effect on the cognitive functions that are essential for functional abilities.


  • How can I find information about the Walk-E?
    The Walk-E brochure is listed on our website. You can download it by clicking on the “see technical sheet” button. You can also contact us for any additional information.
  • Is there any assistance available to finance the purchase of a Walk-E?
    Yes, the most common are the PCH Disability Compensation Benefit (to be requested from the Departmental Center for Disabled Persons) and the APA Personalized Autonomy Assistance (to be requested from the CLIC, the Communal Social Action Center or the Town Hall ). We are doing everything possible to make Walk-E eligible for Social Security reimbursement.
  • Who provides after-sales service in the event of a problem?
    In the event of a technical problem, contact us, and we will take care of carrying out the necessary repairs.
  • Where and how to recycle the Walk-E?
    In order to participate in the protection of the environment, the Gema Life company has signed an eco-organization partnership with Ecosystem. So all you have to do is call and ecosystem will come and collect your Walk-E at the end of its life.

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